Sunday, October 27, 2019

Rembrandt 48 Half Pan Watercolor set

Hello everyone!  Today I'm sharing new watercolors from Jackson's Art Supplies.  The Rembrandt 48 Half Pan Watercolor set!  I also have some pics of the Rembrandt color chart, that show the pigment info for each color.  I have indicated which colors came in my 48 pan set.  If you have tried these watercolors, I'd love to hear what you think of them.  I can't wait to swatch them all out, and play with them to see how transparent they are...and how well they mix.  I've read that the Viridian is hard to re-wet because it is the real deal, real Viridian.  Apparently most manufacturers boost their Viridian with PG7, and true Viridian has much better lightfastness.

I purchased this set after trying the much more affordable Van Gogh watercolor set, that is Royal Talens student grade line.  I was impressed with how pigmented they were, for student grade paints.

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  1. I came across this post looking for some swatches of the 48 set - and it's almost April of 2020. lol.
    I purchased this set from Jackson's yesterday after drooling over it for a few weeks.
    Actually I have been drooling over their tubes as well.
    Many years ago a hobby store was going out of business and had some Rembrandt oils. I never painted in them before as I have been an acrylic painter. I thought with rock bottom prices I could give oils a try.
    Rembrandt had this beautiful brown color, transparent oxide brown. It was gorgeous. I really like Rembrandt. I've used Talens Amsterdam acrylics, but, not the Royal Talens Rembrandt as I could not find in the US and was not aware of Jackson's at the time. Actually, I think the English art shops did not ship to US at the time and the prices were prohibitive.
    I know the Oils are silky smooth and lovely to paint with.
    I am so excited about the watercolors coming in 2 weeks.
    I just began learning watercolors and am a total newbie to this medium, though I love using my watercolor pencils.
    I have a set of W & N colman and don't like it. The pans fall out and the paint is weak. I have a few Mijello and a few Daniel Smith. 5 ml.
    But, to have a nice set of Rembrandts is a dream.