Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wild Wonders Baby Album/Card

Hello everyone!  I started working again this year, for the first time in 15 years.  I work with special needs children for our school, and I love it!  Working with the kiddos is very rewarding, and so is getting out of the house everyday.  Recently a coworker had a baby, and I was asked to make the card.  None of my coworkers know I am love to make cards, or how hard I would try to figure out  the "perfect" way to incorporate the kids "helping" me...I'm sure any other staff member would have just slapped some construction paper together and had the kids sign it.  But, that's not really my style, lol.  I did get each child to stamp their hand print, though a few had to be talked into it.  Especially one, she has autism and does not like to get messy.  Lucky for me she loves babies, so I talked her into it for the baby!   I decided to turn the card into an album, so each of the kids hand print and signature could shine.  The hardest part was actually NOT using anything glittery, since it was for a new dad!  Well, I tried anyway!  I had to use my Copic Spica glitter pens~just a tad.  I made something that might last a week before it gets thrown in the trash.  But, the smiles the kids gave when they saw their hand prints as part of the card, was priceless!

I just love this little stamp Wild Wonders!  So cute, especially since it coordinates with the Cricut  Artbooking Cartridge.  I used Sky cardstock to cut out the album, and banner from Artbooking, and added RubyHoney, and Gold Polka-dot  washi tapes to add a few pops of color.  I had stamped all the images and assembled the banner, but was trying to figure out the best way to assemble it when I pulled up the Mojo Monday...Perfect sketches for inspiration whenever I get too many ideas flowing and can't quite commit to one!  

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