Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dance in the Rain

Hey everyone!  Today I'm sharing another card I made over a month ago...During our crazy, busy summer.  I shared it in my YouTube video, but I am just now able to post it here.  I used the super cute stamp set from Mama Elephant stamp set Chance of Rain.  I also borrowed the tiny umbrella from the Ella and Friends set.  I knew as soon as I saw the set, I wanted to make her dance in the rain!  Because, that is how I view life.  Their will always be good days and bad.  You can't always control what happens.  But, you can dance through the rain and focus on the positive things...and more than likely, the storm will pass. :)  I used scotch tape to mask off her little leg, then masked her body with masking paper to stamp the leg up in the air.  I hope you like my card today!

Thanks for joining me!

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