Sunday, April 19, 2015

New Copic and Ink pad Storage find~Super Cheap!

Hey everyone!  I'll be honest...I am always searching for a new, better, prettier, cheaper way to store my crafty items.  Maybe I'm slightly OCD, but I really love finding a pretty way to store things where they can be easy to access, and put away.  I try not to buy things made for craft rooms, because I know I will find something better down the road~and need to use it in another way in my home.  So, while shopping at Costco recently, I found a makeup organizer that I took one look and got excited...I thought it would be perfect for my Copic marker and ink pad storage!

Each box has 2 units, a large and a small in it,  The units were only $9.97!!!{ in six months when and if I find something better, I can give them to my daughter to hold her makeup, lol}.  I picked up 2 boxes so far, and love them!  Ok, I wish I had bought the Studio 3 Copic storage before they closed down.  But, for the money...I think these are a great solution.  Especially since the large unit is perfect for Copics and ink pads, and the small unit seems made for the Copic refill bottles {that made my heart happy, a two for one!}.  Here are some pics of my latest find.  You can place the units flat to store Copics upright and keep them portable, or turn upside down to store Copics horizontal and make it easier to access ink pads.

This is how I will use it in my craft room~turned upside down.

This is another option of how you could use the unit...

This is how I am using it to be portable, so I can take them to my living room and use on the weekends.  I take most of the ink pads out so they are not as heavy.

Thanks for joining me!

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